Totland Family Ancestors

The Totland family is rich with interesting facts and stories.  The fun in researching a family tree is learning about who your ancestors were.  Its not just finding dates and names.

These pages are filled with interesting information I was able to find out about our family.  Since some of this information was not written, some of this information are logical assumption derived from facts or stories passed down.

The Totland name is of Norwegian decent but in researching over 4000 family members, our blood line is mixed with:

  • Norwegian
  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Scottish
  • Irish
  • Holland
  • Swedish
  • Greece

Only in America can a family be so rich in heritage.  The early Totland’s were Vikings and probably took place in the early invasions of England looking for land to grow crops and graze their animals.

Our ancestors are from Europe and the family tree stops around the 3 century (about 60 generations).  The records tend to be less accurate past this point.  There is royalty in the bloodline starting around the 15 century.  It goes back about 1000 years (List of EnglishScottishFrench, and Great Britian Monarchs).  We are most recently descendent from the house of York and Lancaster.

Since they were royals, history recorded their details pretty well and Wikipedia has a very good summary of their lives.  Having royal blood is very common for Americans if a family can trace its heritage back to the early New England colonies.

Our family history is still being researched and should be considered a work in progress.

Kingsdale Arms

Family History 1700 – Present

This page holds the family history from around the year 1700 to present day.  These pages cover the Totland, Reide, Cappadona, Gregoli, Rydzinski, Murry, Ziedler, Stutz, Stringham and Cece families.  I am still researching these families and collecting as many pictures, stories, and records as possible.

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster

Family History 1300 – 1700

This page holds the family history from around the year 1700 to 1300.  It goes into the family life back in the early colonies and what life was like in Europe.  It also covers the Totland Bay and the HMS Totland.  This page covers some of our cousins like Queen Elizabeth and George Washington as well as several signers of the Declaration of Independence.

King William I of England

Family History 1000 – 1300

This page holds the family history from the around the year 1000 to 1300.  These records tend to cover only the royal families.  The details about their lives were researched using common Internet resources and not recounted through personal family stories.  The story starts with Sir Reginald Scott and goes to William I of England (William the Conqueror).  William I was the King of England around 1066.

Viking Ship

Family History 500 – 1000

This page holds the family history from around the year 500 to 1000 AD.  These records also tend to cover only members of the royal family and it is a very large area of the tree due to the inter marrying of royals from different countries.  This time period covers the lives of over 50 kings and 3 Saints plus many other members of the royal families.  I trust these records and they are well researched by experts.