Family Trees

Totland Family Trees

I am starting to gather information about the Totland family history and have created family trees for each of the 9 families that are directly related to us.  There will be more details coming about each family and information about where they came from and any interesting information about them.

This information is slow to gather and this will be a work in progress.  If you have any information about any of the people on these tree’s, please let me know.

I am also working on a Totland Family page that will show any interesting facts about a family member.  Some interesting facts to date are some members in the family were a Bishop, a Knight, an Ambassador, and a bee keeper.

Others were in Kings and Queens in England, France, Italy, Norway and several other countries.

There were several Saints and someone who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Some worked on skyscraper and others were early settlers at Salam Ma.

Many fought in wars and others were business owners.

Of course, almost all were parents or I will not be writing this now.  These details are recorded on a separate family ancestors page.

Below are PDF versions of the family tree’s and most are VERY large files (10-30 MB).  There are everyone trees, ancestor trees, and hourglass trees usually starting from the youngest generation and working up.

We have recorded over 60 generations and 4000 relatives reaching to about the year 240 AD.  We will be adding more photographs to the album for download as we get them.


Totland Ancestors Tree(All Families)

This is the all the Totland Ancestors going back to the 2nd century.  This tree also shows all the family ancestors in a typical chart. This is a very large file and will take some time to open.  All the Stutz and Zeilder information has been removed because a family member didn’t want it shared here.  That information can be see on

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Cece Ancestors Tree

This is the Cece Family tree. Not much is known about the Cece family line but the research is just beginning.  The Cece’s migrated to America from Italy in the early 1900’s and settled in Newark NJ.  I will post more information as its discovered.

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